Selecting the correct Seamster link for your Omega Semaster watch can seem confusing at first but it is actually very simple. This guide will take you step by step through the four easy to find out all the thing you need to know which are-

  1. -the strap width
  2. -if it takes pin’s or screws
  3. -if it’s the “normal” type or the slightly chunkier “chrono” type
  4. -and the metal it is made from (which is most probably steel)

To find this out the only things you are your watch in your hand, a ruler and this guide. So let’s get strait into this.

1. How wide is your strap?

The first thing you need to know is your strap width. This measurement is taken at either of the links nearest your clasp. If this is a men’s watch the link will be 18mm wide or 20mm wide and if it is a ladies watch it will probably be 14mm wide but might be 13mm wide (if it is 13mm or 14mm you can skip step 3). Simply use a standard ruler to measure the width of your link. It is that simple. If clarity there are pictures below.

2. Does it take pins or screws?


Next, we need to know if it takes pins or screws. This is really easy. Look at you links side on you will see one of two things.

  • A small hole about 1mm in diameter. If you see this, it takes pins.
  • Or will see either a screw in the side of your link or a screw hole. In this case it takes screws.

The images below should make this clearer

3. Is it the normal or Chrono Diver type?


The Chrono type links are a little bit taller than the normal links however getting this wrong is not the end of the world as a 20mm wide chrono link will still fit 20mm wide normal link and vice versa. The only difference is the links on you strap wont all be the same height. 

To find the right height I’ve photographed a chrono link with a normal link. The normal link is the height of 2x 2p coins (4mm high) and the chrono type is the height of 3x 1p coins (5mm high).

4. What metal is it made from?

It is probably steel unless you know otherwise. Not sure if its steel? Put your strap next to the kitchen sink or some cutlery. If it’s the same colour or similar it is steel. If it is a different colour read on.

There are some exotic metals used in Semaster straps such as Tantalum however a watch made from this would be so expensive, you’d know about this. The only metal you might get the steel mixed up with is Titanium. Titanium is quite a bit lighter than steel and -importantly- it is also grayer and darker than steel. Again, there are pictures below.


If it has a yellow metal in it that is gold and will only be gold as that is the only yellow metal Omega use.


Put that information together

  • If your link was 18mm wide, takes pins, is the normal type that is made of steel then you would need an “18mm wide Omega seamster Steel Link with a Pin” 
  • If it was 20mm wide, takes pins, is the Chrono type and is made of steel that you need a “20mm wide Omega Seamaster Chrono steel link with a Pin”

Still not sure?

If you are still not sure then look at the back of your clasp and you should see a number on it. This will be four digits followed by three digits. For example 1503/825. If you send this number to then we will let you know the watch link that you need and send you the web address of our store where you can buy it from.


Thank for reading and I hope this was of help. If you have any questions email us at or write them in the comments section below.

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